International Academy of Energy, Minerals and Materials (IAEMM)
Looking into the Future

Through its annual events, IAEMM provides opportunities for the exchange of information that enhances the professional and the industry. These events are designed for anyone who works to advance science & Technology. 


Meetings and Events

ICANM 2018: International Conference & Exhibition
on advanced and nano material

August 6 – 8, 2018, Quebec , Quebec, Canada

ICCE 2018: International Conference & Exhibition
on Clean Energy

August 20-22 2018, Quebec , Quebec, Canada


ICMM2017:International Conference & Exhibition
on Mining, Material & Metallurgical Education  


Past Meetings and Events     


   2017 Events
  ICANM 2017, August 7-9, Toronto, Canada

  ICCE 2017, August 21-23, Toronto, Canada 
   2016 Events
ICANM2016, August 1-3, Montreal, Canada

ICCE2016, August 22-24, Montreal, Canada

ICMM2017,August 1-3, Montreal, Canada

   2015 Events
ICANM2015, August 12-14, Ottawa, Canada

ICCE2015,  September 14-16, Ottawa, Canada

   2014 Events
ICANM2014, August 11-13, Calgary, Canada

ICCE2014, October 20-22, Quebec city, Canada

ICMM2014,September 15-17, Quebec city, Canada

   2013 Events  
ICANM2013, August 12-14, Quebec city, Canada

ICCE2013, September 09-11, Ottawa, Canada

   2012 Events
ICCE2012, September 10-12, Quebec city, Canada  

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