ICANM 2013: International Conference & Exhibition
 on Advanced & Nano Materials

       ICANM2013: Conférence et Exposition internationale
                      sur les matériaux avancés et Nan

August/août 12-14,2013 , Quebec (QC) Canada

ICANM 2013 will take place from August 12 to 14 on the beautiful Campus of Laval University in the spectacular Quebec city . Quebec City is the 400-year-old capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, also known as French Canada .Quebec City is one of the landmarks of North American history which has retained its European atmosphere.  The city is on the  UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List and is recognized as one the most beautiful city in Canada. Click here to discover it for yourself.

Quebec city offers a large number of hotels to meet the requirements. The hotels  are located in every corner of the city. Participants must make their own accommodation arrangements directly with the hotel of their choice, or with the Laval University residences.

Laval University Residences: Laval University Residences offers two types of accommodation:

Regular rooms - shared bathroom
- 46$+taxes single occupancy - 64$+taxes double occupancy

Regular rooms are equipped with one or two single beds, a sink, a dresser, a closet, an armchair and a desk. A telephone is also included and local calls are free of charge. It is possible to make long-distance calls with a phone card. Bathrooms and showers are shared and always located nearby on each floor. Bedding, towels and parking are provided, as well as a room cleaning service twice a week. Breakfast is also included and served from 7:00 am to 9:00 am in a nearby building.

Rooms with private bathroom – 96$+taxes

Rooms with private bathroom are an alternative housing offering more comfort for both short and extended stays. Each of those rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave oven, television, iron and ironing board, hair dryer, a telephone and a free Ethernet connection for Internet access. Bedding, towels and parking are provided, as well as a room cleaning service twice a week. Breakfast is also included and served from 7:00 am to 9:00 am in a nearby building.

How to Make Reservation at Laval University Residences:

You can make your reservation :
Onlineclick here and select ICANM2013 conference from drop down menu.
Phonecall 418-656-5632 and mention the name of the event.
Email: send an email to  hebergement@sres.ulaval.ca and mention the name of the event

Click here to download a printable campus map pdf of Université Laval.


These hotels are at walking distance from the Conference building.

Traveling to Quebec City


The language for the conference is English. French is the main language in Quebec City. Quebec City is a multi-cultural city and most people in Quebec speak English as well.

Tourist Information

Please check the web site at http://www.quebecregion.com/en or http://www.travelcanada.ca for further information.


The Canadian currency is the Canadian Dollar. For the latest exchange rate please check http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/


The electrical voltage in Canada is 110 V, 60 cycle AC. Adapters can be found at most electrical stores nearby.


Participants requiring a visa for entry into Canada are strongly advised to apply for the appropriate Visa in their own country as soon as possible. Click here for additional info.


Early August weather in Quebec City is usually beautiful and pleasant.  More information on the current weather and forecasts in  Quebec City can be obtained from the Environment Canada Web site .

Venue & Accommodations


Laval University Campus

Hotel Universel


ALT Hotel Quebec


Gîte le 812


Hotel Quartier


Auberge Maison Roy



International Academy of

Energy, Minerals & Materials