International Academy of

Energy, Minerals & Materials

ICANM 2013: International Conference & Exhibition
 on Advanced & Nano Materials

       ICANM2013: Conférence et Exposition internationale
                      sur les matériaux avancés et Nan

August/août 12-14,2013 , Quebec (QC) Canada

All accepted papers (submitted by the required deadlines) will appear in the Conference Proceedings (on CD-ROM) and will be considered for publication in relevant conference journals. All presenters, verbal or poster, are invited to prepare full papers for the Conference Proceedings.

=> The final paper submission date: July 01, 2013.
=> All papers must be submitted in MS-Word.

Please Download & use the following template to help you prepare your manuscript:

=> MS Word Template and Instructions on How to Prepare Your Paper

The full paper has to be submitted by Email to

Poster Instructions

Poster size is Maximum 90 X 120 cm (3ft wide X 4ft tall).

Background and font colors have to be chosen in order to get enough contrast and be easily legible from a distance of about one meter.

The author's name and address and the title of the paper, should be described on the top section of the Poster.

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Full Papers for Conference Proceedings