ICANM 2013: International Conference & Exhibition
 on Advanced & Nano Materials

       ICANM2013: Conférence et Exposition internationale
                      sur les matériaux avancés et Nan

August/août 12-14,2013 , Quebec (QC) Canada

Organizing & Scientific Committee

Current committee members are as follows (so far):

Professor Fathi Habashi, Laval University,Canada

Dr. Eugene Medvedovski, Endurance Technologies Inc., Canada

Dr. Achille De Schepper, Director-DES Consulting (Development, Engineering, Support), Belgium

Professor Suzanne Kresta,University of Alberta, Canada

Dr. Vyom SharmaIntel Corporation, USA

Professor Ricardo Castro, University of California, USA

Professor Basavaraj K. Nanjwade, KLE University College of Pharmacy, India

Professor  Houshang Alamdari, Laval University, Canada

Dr. Pierre Louis, PEL CONSULT (Consulting in Hydrometallurgy), Belgium

Dr. Hossein Aminian, FiMatCon, Canada

International Academy of

Energy, Minerals & Materials